Voice Carriers may have different rates for the same destination based on the Caller ID sent. Examples are EEA/EU Caller ID regulations, and other countries. 

Below guide shows how to set up differentiated charging and routing based on the Caller ID for the same client.

General Principles

The Caller ID based Routing and Rating works by attaching a one ore more Caller ID groups to the same Product. Therefore more than one Product to Voice Rate mappings are available. To understand Products, please see Main Concepts page.

Therefore the setup can be applied both for rating and routing of inbound Client and Carrier calls, as well as rating of Terminating Carriers.

Setting it up

Creating Caller ID groups

Caller ID code groups allow to put one ore more codes into one single group for easier management. Example, EEA/EU codes are added into "EU countries" group.

To see existing groups, navigate to "Products > Caller ID" groups tab. There should be group named "EU countries" prepopulated in the system:

Click "View" button to see country codes inside the group:

Use "Add Caller ID Group Code" button to add, "Delete" to remove a code and "Edit" to modify.

More groups can be added by navigating to "Products > Caller ID groups" and adding groups by clicking "Add Caller ID Group" button.

Assigning Caller ID Group to the Product

Navigate to Products. Select the product you want to assign to the Client or Carrier. Click "Add Voice Rate Mapping". A dialog appears. You can now add Rate table and routing group to the Product and select Caller ID group to which this rate and route will apply:

Note, to apply rate and routing for codes outside of defined Caller ID groups, you should choose --None-- as Caller ID.

Below iamge shows example setup where calls with EU/EEA valid caller IDs are charged by rate table "EU countries caller ID Rates" and routed via routing group "EU countries caller ID Routing" whereas all the rest calls are charged by rate table "Non EU countries caller ID Rates" and routed by routing group "Non EU countries caller ID Routing":