SAARA system allows to make outbound voice calls with Caller ID which changes with each call in a random order, from the pool of available assigned caller IDs.

Warning: Please check your local regulations regarding setting Caller ID. It may be illegal in many jurisdictions to set Caller ID to the value of the number not assigned to you. Also it might be required that the number is reachable, i.e. answers when called back. Proceed with caution.

General principles

The Client can be assigned multiple DID numbers. When creating a Voice account, instead of assigning fixed Caller ID, choose the ranom option. It will then use the Caller IDs assigned to the Client is a random order.

Setting it up

Upload or Add DID numbers

Have a list of your DID numbers ready. If the list is large, you can upload it at once and even assign to the client immediatelly. 

Navigate to Products > DID Numbers > Voice DID Numbers. Click Upload DID number list button. As an exercise you can use this test voice-dids.csv. Note: this is test list only. Do not use it for production traffic! The sample file contains dummy 20 DID numbers which will be optionally mapped to Client ID 00000001  (default Client in the system).

An upload modal will open. Select or drop the file and wait until it is loaded and preview is opened. Depending on the size of file and connection speed it can take some time:

The preview window shows first rows of the file uploaded. Select the contents of each column. In our example case first column is DID number itself, and the second column is Client ID to whom we want our DID number to be assigned. If you don't select the second column, DIDs will be unassigned and will require manual assigning.

Once columsn assigned, click "Upload only" and wait while processing is completed.

Alternatively you can add DID numbers manually one by one using "Add Voice DID number" button.

Checking and Assigning DID numbers

Navigate to Clients, and select the Client which will be using these DID numbers. Click "Voice DIDs" tab. The list of uploaded and assigned DID will appear:

If you were adding DIDs manually instad of uploading, or chose not to assign them during upload stage, this is the time to add them. Click "Add DID Number" button to add them manually.

Once the list is complete, you may want to see if any DID should be excluded from selecting during calling. This can be done by simply disabling the DID.

Setting up calling account

Navigate to Clients "Voice Accounts" tab. Click "Add Voice Account" button. As with any regular Voice Account, add Username, Password and Product. The difference is to change Caller ID Type to "Random DID":

It is also possible to use IP Address based authentication.

At this point system is set up for calling with Random DID.

Testing and verifying

Register SIP client and make some test calls to the number where you can verify the Caller ID (e.g. own mobile).

after calls are made, navigate to "Voice CDR" tab to verify the Caller ID matches the selected list: