This guide will provide help in setting up basic SMS sending either from SAARA endusers interface or from external SMPP account to mobile number via 3rd party SMS carrier.

Before You start

Please check the following before setting up the calling system:

Setting up the System

Make sure SMS Master Code List exists

Master code list provides breakouts for rating and routing. To check if Master code list exists, navigate to Routing > SMS > Master List tab.

Create Rate Tables

We need to create two rate tables: one with the sell prices to the customers, and the other with the buy prices from the carrier. Please repeat the below procedure for each table:

Prepare Products

We need to prepare products which can be assigned to Carriers and Clients. We will do the Rate table and Routing mappings later

Create Carrier

At this stage the system should establish the binding with the carrier SMPP server.  navigate to Home > SMPP to check the Status of the bind. Note that it can take up to 60 seconds before the information appears on the panel.

Create Route

Map Routes and Rates to the Products

We need to actually tell products which rates and routes to use.

Create Client and Account

The System is set up for call processing. The last part is to create a Client.

Creating SMPP Account

If you are not planning to allow your clients to bind SMPP connections, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, please go to "SMPP Accounts" tab of newly created client. Click "Add SMPP Account" button:

With this step complete, your clients should be able to bind to your SMPP server and send SMS messages.

Creating web access for sending SMS messages

Other, more simple way to make a test is to send SMS from web interface. To accomplish this, create a web login for the user created above.

The Account for sending SMS is now ready. You can login into Endusers web interface with above credentials and send messages.