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This guide will provide help in setting up basic calling from VoIP account to PSTN  number via 3rd party Voice Terminating carrier.

Before You start

Please check the following before setting up the calling system:

  • The SIP switch IP address is available. If you have a cloud partition, please check your IP address in your area. If you have a standalone installation, please refre to Datasources setting.
  • For PSTN-terminated calls, there should be Terminating Carrier ready set which will accept calls from your switch. Please have their connection credentials ready.
  • Prepare your sell and buy rate tables. The spreadsheet with columns of country code, destination name and call rate should be enough.
  • Have your testing device ready. It can be any softphone, IP phone, ATA or any other SIP device.

Setting up the System

Upload Rate Tables

  • Prepare the rate table on your computer. Create a 3 - column spreadsheet with country code in 1st column, name in 2nd column and call rate (per minute) in 3rd column. If your rate table has different format, please see RateUploadTemplates. Alternatively, you can use these samples provided by us:
    • Sample Buy Rate Table:  buy-example.csv  WARNING: This is example file only. Do not use it for production. The values inside are examples only!
    • Sample Sell Rate Table: sell-example.csv WARNING: This is example file only. Do not use it for production. The values inside are examples only!
  • Save as .csv file on your computer.
  • Navigate to Products > Voice Rates > Upload.
  • Pick the name and write in the Rate Table Name box. Choose the "Simple 3column template". Browse for file and upload.

Prepare Products

We need to prepare products which can be assigned to Carriers and Clients. We will do the Rate table and Routing mappings later

  • Navigate to Products. Click "Add Product" button
  • Enter a name of the Product. This product will be used to sell to your Clients. Choose type : "Clients".
  • Save

  • Repeat above 3 steps for your buy product. This will be used to determine buy rate you apply to your Carrier. Choose type: "Terminating Carriers" and Save

Create Carrier

  • Navigate to Carriers and click "Add Carrier" button. This will be for the carrier which will terminate the calls.
  • Fill the name of the carrier. select the currency. You can leave the Credit Limit of the Carrier default at 0.00

  • Save Carrier
  • Click the View button name link. Carrier Edit screen will appear. Click the "Voice Accounts" tab
  • In the Terminating Account box Click "Add Account" button.
  • The popup window will appear prompting to enter connection details. Fill the IP address of the carrier and any Prefix they have provided. Note: do not write country code in prefix field. This is for technical prefix only if one is supplied.
  • Select Product. In this case it will be the Buy Product we created in previous step.

  • Save the Account

Create Route

  • Navigate to "Routing > Voice" section.
  • Use "Default routing" group which is already pre-created in the system. Click "View" button to go into Routing group.
  • Select "AZ Destinations" from Destinations list, and choose Route type "Priority". Save it.

  • Once the AZ destination is saved, click blue PLUS button to add route to desired Carrier Account.

  • Select Carrier Account from list, leave Priority as 1 (Highest) and Save it.

Map Routes and Rates to the Products

We need to actually tell products which rates and routes to use.

  • Navigate to Products. There are two Products which we created in the step above: Sell Product and Buy Product.
  • Start with Sell Product.  Click "View" button.
  • Click "Add Voice Rate Mapping". A dialog will appear:

  • Select rate table you want your Clients to use.
  • Select the Routing Group.
  • You can leave Prefix empty. Hint: If you add 00 in the prefix field, users will be required to dial 00 prefix before actual phone number.
  • Save
  • Repeat the same steps for your Buy Product. Note that Buy Products do not have Prefix or Routing group fields.

Create Client and Account

The System is set up for call processing. The last part is to create a Client.

  • Navigate to "Clients >Clients" section. Click "Add New Client" button.
  • New window will appear with details for new Client. The only required field is "Account ID", which is automatically prefilled for you.
  • Allow some credit, by setting Credit Limit to some non-zero value
  • Select the Product to match the Product you created in previous steps.
  • Save

  • Once Client is saved, the Edit screen will reappear. Choose "Accounts" tab on top the Edit screen.
  • When Accounts page opens, choose "Registered Accounts" and click "Add Account" button
  • Fill in the Username. This will be SIP Username which will be used to register and make calls
  • Fill Password. This is SIP account password. You can use prefilled random value.
  • Make sure the Product is set to the Sell Product created in previous steps.
  • Save


The system is now set up for calling.


  • Use "Home > System Log" for observing system status.
  • Register your calling device with switching equipment if registration is supported. Check System Log for registration information.
  • Place the call. Observe presence of international prefix while calling in accordance of Product Mapping settings.
  • Check "Reports > Call Details" after call was disconnected.

More: If you are not familiar with concepts we use in DTL SAARA, please see Main Concepts description