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SMS subsystem is integrated part of DTL SAARA. It can be optionally enabled or disabled, or system can be configured to operate with SMS system only.

General Features

The Sytem-wide concepts like Clients, Carriers, Products, Routing exist also in SMS subsystem. You can use same Clients and Carriers both for Voice and SMS operations, or separately according to your requirements. For information on these general concepts, see Main Concepts documentation page.

List of general system features:

  • MO and MT two way SMS provisioning, authentication and accounting system
  • Whitelabel, web based control
  • Client accounts are Prepaid/postpaid ready
  • SMPP v 3.4 support for MO and MT messages
  • RESTful API support for MT messages
  • Full redundancy and scalability
  • Separate web access for Clients
  • Unlimited number of Clients, Carriers, Routes and rate tables
  • DID number support
  • System activity Reports, troubleshooting tools

Retail Account Management

  • Client account management with multiple Accounts
  • Preset initial credit and currency selection
  • Different Account expiration types (fixed date or fixed number of days after first use)
  • Product mapping allows to assign different rates and routes to different Accounts of same Client
  • Assign one or multiple Recurring services, e.g. monthly or other fees
  • Assign multiple SMPP access username and password pairs
  • Assign DID numbers to Client
  • Map inbound MT messages to SMPP connectors via DID numbers
  • REST API access accounts with HTTP Header Token and HMAC-SHA256 authentication
  • Extensive Account info page (address, contacts, email, etc)
  • Invoicing support - by MT/MO SMS usage, based on rate tables, DID recurring fees
  • Invoice PDF generation - fully customizable template
  • SMPP accounts

Carrier Management

  • Multiple Carrier support
  • Carriers are multicurrency
  • Multiple Account support per Carrier- allows to assign different priced services by carrier
  • Carrier registration with SMPP and optional SSL
  • Registration status report
  • Web access for Carrier


  • Usage reports- time and destination based
  • Message details report
  • Payment history report
  • Invoices report
  • Reports on Payments received during a period
  • Real time balance reporting

Rating and Billing Management

  • Unlimited rate tables in the system with ability to universally assign them to Client or Carrier
  • Create/edit/upload/copy/delete rate tables
  • Upload rate table via fully customizable template
  • Multiple rate tables per Client for different types of Accounts
  • Replace rate tables with new by specifying effective start time of particular table
  • Rate tables properties:
    • Rates based on Country code, City code, longest digit match
    • Multiple currencies, individually set per destination
  • DID number billing
    • Recurring monthly billing
    • define fee level based on DID number tier

Routing Management

  • Unlimited number of Routing groups
  • Routing Group can hold unlimited number of Routes
  • Graphical drag-and-drop routing nmanagement screen
  • Routes by Destination prefix, Souce Address range
  • Sorting of Route priority
  • Load balancing of equal priority routes

Above listed features applicable only to SMS subsystem.

For General system specifications, please see Technical Specifications page