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Longbow MX is specialized build of DTL SAARA for use exclusively in Mexico. It features a SIP platform certified to interconnect with TELMEX systems.


Longbow MX is fully homologated with TELMEX in Mexico, it passed laboratory tests for interconnection and is approved to be interconnected with TELMEX infrastructure. The certification was passed in 2017.

Technical Specifications

For a list of General specifications, please see Technical Specifications page

There are following technical differences specific only to Longbow MX:

  • Specially designed SIP Headers for interconnection compliance;
  • Specially designed SIP OPTIONS and SIP UPDATE messages for interconnection compliance;
  • Custom built Portability Support;
  • Specially designed Identity SIP Headers for interconnection compliance;

Note that Longbow MX does not support H.323 voice traffic.

There is no SMS Support in Longbow MX

Further Inquiries and Additional Information

For inquiries on Longbow MX please contact:

Telinkcom LLC
email address:

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