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DTL SAARA is Integrated Voice and Messaging Platform. It features Prepaid/Postpaid Voice and SMS Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Routing, as well as SIP and H.323 Voice switching and SMS switching and routing.
With decades of accumulated experience and billions of Voice minutes routed, DTL SAARA is by far most popular of our products. It includes everything you need to run your own telephony business.

Product information

DTL SAARA  is a high quality Voice and SMS Telecom Platform featuring:

  • prepaid/postpaid Billing and Accounting system for VoIP, TDM and Mobile Telephony services,
  • Voice switching component (formerly ArrowSwitch), a SIP/H.323 switch,
  • SMPP messaging service for MO and MT SMS delivery with prepaid billing and realtime routing 
  • Customizable, scrip driven multipurpose IVR engine.

All together it makes a complete Telecom platform that can be utilized to offer variety of services, including:

  • Small to medium telephony operators offering alternative telecom services
  • MVNOs
  • Calling Card providers
  • Mobile phone SIM-dialer and pre-dialer services
  • Callshop chain operators
  • Callback providers
  • Call Termination service providers
  • Wholesale traffic agents and brokers
  • PC-to-phone, IP phone device services
  • Two way Messaging services
  • Customizable IVR applications

The components or DTL SAARA

  • Web Management portal: a multi access level based, responsive control interface which allows full control of daily operation of the system;
  • AAA engine: Prepaid/Postpaid capable Call and Message Authentication and Authorization system, includes real time and post-time Accounting module;
  • Routing Server: Priority, Quality, Least Cost based Real-time Voice Call and Messaging routing server;
  • SIP engine: Opensource SIP stack based, real time AAA and routing capable SIP SBC module;
  • SMS engine: SMPP-protocol based SMS engine, capable of real time AAA and routing, MT and MO operations;
  • Additional modules:
    • H.323 wholesale capable engine;
    • Javascript-based customizable IVR engine allowing to create custom call and messaging scenarious;
    • Deployment management system: controls scalability and redundancy elements of the SAARA package;
    • Multi-tenancy package: allows to create independend tenents on the same System instance.


Main highlights

  • Retail and wholesale Voice (SIP SBC and H.323 GK)
  • SMS Server and Client (SMPP) for MO and MT messaging
  • Prepaid and postpaid realtime and post time billing
  • Realtime Routing
  • Multi-level Resellers
  • Scriptable IVR, Messaging and API console
  • RESTful APIs for external integration
  • Responsive Web GUI
  • Scalability and Redundancy built in

How to get it

DTL SAARA is available for purchase to be installed at your premises. It comes with free remote installation service, which can be performed within 24 hours of purchase. Any bugfix and security updates are free during the lifetime of the product, and free product updates during warranty period. You can also opt for support during after-warranty period.

For those interested on our Cloud based SAARA product, please Sign Up for Free Demo from our website. You can also use demo in case you would like to explore product before deciding to purchase or rent it.

Please see Main Concepts to get familiar with the entities used in DTL SAARA